Adrien Jalade — CG Modeler – Texturer based in France

CG Environments, Vehicles, Props - Personal work

Modeling/Texturing environments and props. Matte paintings.

Softwares : Maya, 3ds Max, Zbrush, Mudbox, Mari, Xnormal, Photoshop.

RoleDesigner – CG generalist

Aeroport Charles de Gaulle Terminal 2, Boeing 747 – Modeling with Maya 2013

Shanty town – High poly modeling with Maya 2011.

Porto – Matte Painting, Camera Mapping – Tramway incrustation – Maya 2013, After Effects CS6.

Porto – Camera mapping and integration wireframe with Maya 2013.

Still life – Modeling and Texturing – Maya, Zbrush, and Mari.

Tramway of Porto – Modeling and Render – Maya and Mental Ray.

Roofs of buildings – Modeling/Matte Painting/Camera mapping Maya 2012 and Photoshop

Matte Painting 3D – Modeling/Texturing/Lighting with Maya 2012 and Photoshop.